Large Nipples

Nipple sizes vary significantly among humans. Although there is no medical standard for what is considered to be "normal," the size and shape of one's nipples may appear to be out of proportion with their normal breast size or shape, or with the rest of the body. While the issue of large nipples may appear to be relatively trivial compared to other medical issues, many men and women with excessively large nipples experience a great deal of shame and a profound lack of self-confidence as a result of this genetic condition. The term "large nipples" can be used to refer to a large areola area (the pigmented, circular area that surrounds the nipple) or overly large or long nipples. Fortunately, medical advances have resulted in the development of surgical techniques that can be used to resolve both of these issues. If you are self-conscious about your large nipples and would like to learn more about surgical solutions, schedule a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon in your community today.

Fast Facts

  • Most patients experience bruising and swelling after undergoing nipple surgery.
  • However, in most cases, the period of recovery from nipple surgery is relatively short.